Stem Cell Banking – Insurance of Your Families’ Health

Stem Cell Banking – Insurance of Your Families’ Health


Stem Cell Banking - Insurance of Your Families' Health

Stem Cell Banking is a revolutionary invention of healthcare sector to embalm an individual’s life cell for future use.

Pregnancy, the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life, gives the utmost happiness and feeling of completeness to the parents and new dreams and fresh hopes to the entire family.

In the form of a tiny and cute bundle of joy comes beatitude and countless new responsibilities. From changing diapers to ensuring its untroubled sleep, the parents take care of all the demanded and undemanded comforts of the baby. 

The advent of a child dramatically boosts parents’ maturity. Kicking aside all their avertable expenses, they start banking their savings to guard the future of their kids.

But, do you know, in the present time, banking wealth is not enough to safeguard your child’s future? It is crucial to bank his health too.

Yes, you heard it right!

Banking is no more confined to money. We have advanced to the level where we can secure our newborns from multiple fatal illnesses of the future through stem cell banking.

It is the 21st century – the century of factories, vehicles, and luxuries; the century of pollution; and the century of several death-causing diseases.

No matter how nourished you eat or how healthy a lifestyle you follow, you inhale the same polluted air and drink the same contaminated water.

The risk of falling in the delft of latter-day’s incurable diseases, like Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, Type I diabetes, Burn, and Cardiovascular diseases, surrounds you equally.

Once infected, the battle with such diseases vainly goes on for the lifetime, sucking all your pockets in big-budget treatments. Stem Cell Banking is a blessing to these crises of health.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are life-saving tiny cells, which, unlike other body cells, are not specialized in performing one particular function.

These self-renewing cells are capable of differentiating among all different cell types. They replace the lost and damaged specialized cells of our body and help us in recovering from several fatal diseases. 

These cells not only effectively treat disorders of the one to which they belong, but also of his parents and siblings.

The umbilical cord, which keeps the baby and the mother connected for nine months, is the most abundant source of these stem cells.

What is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell banking, also known an umbilical cord blood banking, is a process of securing umbilical cord blood for later use – the blood that obtains at the time of delivery.

Immediately after the baby’s birth, these cells are collected from the blood of its umbilical cord and frozen to store in the laboratory.

This pain-free, safe, and simple process of cord blood collection does not interfere with delivery and takes no longer than five minutes.

These banked cells work like health insurance for the baby and family in future life. 

Though these cells do not make any change to general medical concerns of the or baby, having them stored provides the security of lifetime for addressing diseases like leukemia and various inherited disorders of health.

Lately, Stem Cell Banking has gained massive popularity in India, with various clinics offering you the opportunity to make immune the health of your little ones right from the very first breath they take in the world outside the mother’s womb.

The way you put together your money for financial insecurities, these clinics provide you a place to bank the stem cells of your baby for taking care of his future health emergencies.

It is the time that you turn your parental liabilities into assets and gift yourself a tranquil experience of parenthood.

Happy Pregnancy!

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