Nutan Sharma

The Scribbler of your thoughts!

Writer  by  passion. An  HR  by  education.

A Little About Me!

Editor | Content Writer | Creative Writer | Ghostwriter

Exploring, enriching, and encashing content writing skills since 2016.

Creator & manager of "The Blotted Emotions".

Learner - because perfection is nothing but a growth blocking myth.

What I do!

I paint your thoughts with the color of my words


Mingling words is an art of compelling readers to devour until the end.​


Words are not, right words are requisite for influential writing.


Grammar slip-ups ravage the beauty of a wonderfully drafted content.

Presence on Google!

After all, a notable presence on Google is something we all crave for.

What clients say!

A client's testimonial is the true certificate of competence

Readers' Love!

The biggest motivation, the maximal remuneration, & the utmost satisfaction of a writer.